Edinburgh University Cheerleading Society website

Programming Languages used: PHP, Javascript
Other Technologies used: mySQL
My Contribution: Starting with the existing site, I made improvements to all aspects of the site.

I was PR Manager for the Edinburgh Unvieristy Cheerleading Society (the Vixens) for my final two years at uni. During this time I tried to put more of an emphasis on online marketing rather than traditional methods. I began this with revamping the website, but also increased the society's social networking presence.

Vixens site A screenshot of the Vixens homepage.

I wanted the website to reflect the cheesy nature of cheerleading. However, there is often a trend on the web that really cheesy websites are also inaccessible. The existing website contained a flash intro page which was both cheesy and inaccessible. I got rid of the intro page and instead made the main elements on each page fly in from different directions. This was done entirely in javascript, users without javascript (or with javascript turned off) just saw the page content. I felt that this solution provided a good balance between cheesiness and accessiblity.

I also created an admin section so that committee members could log in and edit specific parts of the site. My main aim with this was to keep it simple, using a single admin login rather than rather than individual accounts for everyone.

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